ARWA Personaldienstleistungen offers its customers the greatest possible security when using flexible employees.

Any liability risks (Subsidiary Liability / SGB IV § 28e) for contracting companies are excluded by the necessary and up-to-date clearance certificates of the health insurance fund, the professional association, and the responsible tax authority.

ARWA has valid confirmation of an employer’s liability insurance policy that is common for the branch.

Authorization certificates

ARWA Personaldienstleistungen has a permanent authorization for personnel leasing, issued by the respective regional office of the Federal Employment Agency.

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Ihre Sicherheit

The independent Institute for Payment Security (IZS) checks the proper payment of due contributions on our behalf every month at all health insurance companies that we send a statement of contributions paid to. This also applies to contributions to the employers’ liability insurance association and the AUG Licence (for the supply of temporary workers).

You can look at all the current information, data and credentials online at www.izs.de/arwa_personaldienstleistungen.

On request, the IZS sends a monthly report with all the audit results by email. This service is free to customers. Register for this with your email address at www.izs.de/your_company/registrierung.