Take advantage of professional opportunities

Professional newcomers and experienced specialists or assistants from the commercial, medical, and technical branches as well as jobseekers who would like to return to work after an extended break can find attractive full or part-time jobs through temporary work with ARWA.

ARWA offers students who are 18 or older interesting jobs in various branches during the lecture free periods or during vacations or as secondary employment.

Temporary work briefly explained

In Germany, temporary work is regulated by the Personnel Leasing Act (AÜG). In personnel leasing – as temporary work is officially known – a personnel service provider provides the work of his employees to other companies for a limited time. A prerequisite for this is an ineffectively concluded employment contract between the personnel service provider and the employees.

Advantages for employees:

  • Quick and un-bureaucratic start or return to professional life
  • Permanent employment relationship with social benefits in accordance with legal stipulations.
  • Collection of professional experience and intensification of professional skills
  • If desired, short-term bridging of unemployed periods of life

Your security

As an employer selecting a suitable personnel service provider, it is advisable to put your trust in a solid and experienced company that secured by means of a rate structure (based on the iGZ-DGB-collective bargaining agreement) as well as having an unlimited authorization for commercial personnel leasing.

Temporary work with ARWA – this is how it works

Personnel leasing is based on a contractual relationship between three parties. First, a usually unlimited employment agreement is concluded between the personnel service provider and employee. Here, the personnel service provider assumes all employer obligations that are relevant for employment and social law – as with all regular employment agreements. The employee can now work in the customer company. For this, the personnel service provider concludes a so-called “personnel leasing agreement” (AÜV) with the ordering company.