Training at ARWA Personaldienstleistungen

Sound training in a branch with good future prospects forms the basis of a successful start to professional life. ARWA Personaldienstleistungen wants to support young people here and therefore offers interesting opportunities in two professions.

Become acquainted with the versatile profession of office management assistant in our main administration in Nieder-Olm or the still relatively new profession of personnel service assistant in one of our subsidiaries.

Office management assistant

Organizational and business activities – from general administrative tasks to bookkeeping, wage and salary accounting, to accounting and correspondence – are of primary importance here. Processing orders and invoices as well as tasks in the personnel field (keeping and managing personnel files, among other things) round out the multifaceted area of responsibilities.

You contribute:

  • Good school grades in the subjects of German and mathematics
  • Good comprehension of the learning material offered
  • Communication skills and good manners
  • Interest in economic correlations
  • Good command of written and spoken German

Duration of training: 3 years (CCI degree)

Personnel service assistant:

The recruitment of suitable employees, the preparation of personnel deployments, and the comprehensive support of customers in the areas of short, medium, and long-term personnel planning under consideration of employment-law considerations are of primary importance in this profession. Additional tasks are the creation of statistic and calculations as well as communication with companies, educational providers, government agencies, and applicants.

You contribute:

  • Good school grades in the subjects of German and mathematics
  • Excellent communication skills and good manners
  • Excellent organisational talent and social competence
  • Responsible and anticipatory action

Duration of training: 3 years (CCI degree)