ARWA Niederlassung in Aschersleben

Professional newcomers and experienced specialists from the commercial, medical, and technical branches as well as jobseekers who would like to return to work after an extended break can find attractive jobs with ARWA in the Aschersleben region.

The basis for this is usually an employment contract with indefinite duration and remuneration in accordance with the iGZ-rate, which includes all social protections such as vacation entitlement, sick pay and collectively agreed contributions for various occupational groups. However, fixed-term contracts such as for the bridging of a transition between two jobs are also possible, if desired, with the same benefits. We would be happy to inform you of your temporary employment opportunities in our subsidiary in Aschersleben.

Qualified specialists, who already have concrete professional goals, use the free personnel placement service. Here, ARWA Personaldienstleistungen acts as an interface between applicants and interested companies in the Aschersleben economic area.

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