Tarife der Zeitarbeit

Temporary employees must be paid in the same way as the employees in customer operations who perform comparable activities (equality principle). These regulations are not taken into account in the event of the application of functionally relevant wage agreements to the conditions of employment with temporary workers for the first nine months of a lease to a customer.

The iGZ has negotiated such a wage agreement with the member trade unions of the DGB. Since 1/11/2012, this wage agreement has been complemented by so-called supplementary industry wage agreements for the following sectors: metal and electrical industry, chemical industry, plastics-processing industry, rubber industry, textile and clothing industry, wood and plastic-processing industry, paper, cardboard and plastics processing industry, printing industry, potassium and rock salt mining, paper-producing industry, rail traffic sector.

Since 1 January 2019, the lowest negotiated wage in the temporary employment sector has been EUR 9.49 / E 1 nationwide. A further negotiated wage increase in the west of Germany was agreed as of 1 April 2019.