Quality management

ARWA’s quality management system

From the beginning, the goal of ARWA has been to always stay one step ahead of the competition. The basis for this is the company’s quality management system, which ensures the optimal support of customers and employees as well as smooth administration of ongoing orders.

The ARWA Quality Management (AQM) system is in effect for the areas of “personnel leasing” and “personnel placement” and is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 at all locations.

Those who stop getting better stop being good.

All measures for ensuring quality management form the solid basis for above average customer and employee support. Internal training measures and instruction for new and long-time employees as well as training and further training of management personnel are an inherent part of in-house further training. Among other things, this includes: current legal provisions of the personnel services branch as well as regular workshops for comprehensive customer and employee support.

ARWA quality management is continuously expanded with new and practical elements and is thus subject to a continuous improvement process. True to the motto: “Only satisfied customers are loyal customers”, ARWA consistently supports this from the first consultation meeting to the implementation of complex personnel solutions by means of know-how and branch experience.

Cooperation agreement between the Federal Employment Agency and ARWA

A cooperation agreement was concluded between the Federal Employment Agency and ARWA to ensure optimum cooperation. This agreement includes the description of all services of the Federal Employment Agency with which the quality standard of each placement process can be increased. In return, ARWA is obligated to comply with important principles of cooperation.